Elderly, homeless being served hot meals in Vicksburg as coronavirus fight rages on

Elderly, homeless being served hot meals in Vicksburg as coronavirus fight rages on

WARREN CO., Miss. (WLBT) - Making sure senior citizens are safe, healthy and not hungry. That is goal of the Salvation Army and the city of Vicksburg, which is why they are working together to deliver hot meals free of charge.

Vicksburg’s Community Service Team went door-to-door with a hot plate of food for seniors Tuesday.

"In these trying times a lot of the elderly, vulnerable and disabled just can’t get out and so we are going to their door, “ said Vicksburg’s Community Service Director Lionel Johnson.

The City of Vicksburg is allocating money from its reserve fund for this feeding program to help protect the seniors as they work to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“As you know, we have some restrictions and curfews in Vicksburg that are not allowing the elderly to get out. They are homebound, so we have to be able to reach out to them and touch them and make sure that they have had meals every day. Every day these are going to be hot meals,” said Deborah Goodman, Administrative Assitant to the Mayor of Vicksburg.

Over at the Salvation Army Site on Missson 66, a grab-and-go lunch station was setup with volunteers so people didn’t have to get out of their cars.

"It is especially important right now with what is going on in our country. We don’t know of a known case in Warren County, but it is important to get people fed and get them nutritious food,” said Salvation Army Advisory Board President Oscar Denton.

The homeless population is not forgotten about either. Crews also drove around town delivering food to them.

"Food is very critical. If you go into a lot of stores the shelves are empty and some have long lines and some people have problems with transportation and a lot of people are out of work, so it’s a hard time for a lot of people right now,” said Johnson.

Vicksburg’s Mayor George Flaggs says the plan is to continue this feeding program for next two weeks.

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