Parents happy as schools implement distance learning, ending prolonged break

Parents happy as schools implement distance learning, ending prolonged break

PEARL, Miss. (WLBT) - Playtime is almost over for students stuck at home during the school closures. Districts in the metro-area are planning for continued instruction.

Parents in Rankin County say they are eager for it to begin.

These extra days out of school have them looking forward to homework to occupy their kids time, although the kids are not.

The district is implementing a three-stage plan this week for instruction to continue.

First they will send home surveys to find out which students have access to technology.

Paper homework will be available for pick-up outside the school for students without laptops or internet connections.

“We had already been prepping some plans to send to them to help with home learning,” said Rankin County Assistant Superintendent Karen Schmidt. “We met with principals and we’re pushing that out to our teachers, and we’ll be getting that to parents soon. I know they’re anxious for it.”

Moms and dads are ready for the school work to begin.

One mother of with four children in the Rankin County School System thinks it’s time for her boys to stop playing video games and start doing class work.

“For the upcoming seniors that’s graduating from high school it gets them ready to do online homework which they’ll be doing with their college work and will help the other students,” said Barbara.

Dr. Valeria Purry has two grandchildren in school and was hoping the assignments started this week.

"They think they can watch TV all day but they're not because grandma's got some books in the house, and they're gonna read some books," said Purry.

Jessica Ulloa’s eight-year-old attends Northside Elementary in Pearl.

She’s spent the week doing arts and crafts and other activities with her two children and welcomes the coming assignments.

"They also are saying that they're still offering the school WiFi here close to the school building and stuff like that," said Ulloa. "So I mean that's great that they're still able to provide them with the materials that they're needing".

Parents should receive surveys this week and expect assignments to soon follow.

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