Vicksburg funeral home impacted by coronavirus fears

Coronavirus hits funeral business, Vicksburg location recommends live-streaming services

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Many funeral directors are in a tough spot. They are trying to protect the health of the public all while trying to assist families who want to honor their loved ones in a big way.

With the threat of the virus growing, they fear things will get worse.

“No, never did I think it was going to affect the funeral business as it has," said owner CJ Williams. He and his team have served hundreds of families, meeting their every need as they bury their loved ones.

But the threat of the virus is making business a bit difficult.

“The biggest fear is for a first responders. Those are the ones who transfer your loved ones to the funeral home, and the funeral home practitioners who are our embalmers that work on your love ones. We asked them to exercise extreme precautions during this time,” said Williams.

Another challenge is attendance concerns. President Donald Trump recommended strict new guidelines which include gatherings being limited to 10 people .

“Yes, it is hard to tell a family that may have thirteen or fourteen immediate members that the President of the United States is asking for ten. They are not going to understand that,” said Willams.

The City of Vicksburg is recommending no more than fifty people and also encouraging graveside funerals. Willams says he is also turning to streaming services as an option.

“We, with the permission of the families, would like to live-stream the services, so for those persons who will not be able to attend then they will be able to do it via live-stream."

“Let’s do what it takes to be safe,” said Mayor Geroge Flaggs. He admits this is a difficult time, but the goal is to keep people safe because the virus is unpredictable.

“This virus is affecting all America, all parts all of Warren County, all Vicksburg. But what we have to do is be on one accord and make sure that we use all the precautions.”

Willams agrees and will do his best to serve the public all while protecting their health and safety.

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