Rankin County students get healthy meals while classes are cancelled

Rankin County students get healthy meals while classes are cancelled

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - The coronavirus has closed schools but Rankin County is making sure students continue to get nutritious meals .

Tuesday began a feeding program that is expected to go on as long as is needed. Car after car lined up in front of Richland Upper Elementary school for student meals.

More than 100 were distributed at Richland Upper elementary.

Sabrina Pagan has children at Gary Road Elementary and said, “I think it’s wonderful because I’m a parent, like, my kids usually eat lunch at school.”

“It’s pretty helpful for me to be able to come to the school and get lunch for my oldest two," she continued.

The meals were distributed from 10:30 a.m. through 12:30 p.m. at Richland Upper, McLaurin, Pearl Lower and Pelahatchie Elementary Schools.

There are 19, 500 students in the district. Children 18 and under can get the free meals. Adults can purchase the for $3.50.

First responders in uniform will also be served for free.

“There have been some concern with the closures of schools that we have kids in our communities that weren’t going to have food, so what we’ve done is we’ve prepared meals,” said Rankin County Schools Assistant Superintendent Karen Schmidt. “They have a breakfast. They have two milks. They have two pieces of fruit. They have some carrots, and they have a sandwich."

More than 500 meals were handed out at Pearl Upper Elementary.

The district plans to continue the drive through meal pickups through the end of next week.

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