City of Vicksburg suspending water and gas disconnections in response to coronavirus

City of Vicksburg suspending water and gas disconnections in response to coronavirus

WARREN CO., Miss. (WLBT) - Warren County and the City of Vicksburg have declared a state of emergency to combat the possible spread of the virus.

The fight is on to help combat the global pandemic - the coronavirus.

Warren County Board President Dr. Jeffery P. Holland and Mayor George Flaggs signed the emergency declaration Monday to free up resources and money to help.

“What it does is it brings the power of our city and county together to do everything we need to do to support the citizens of the community during this time,” said Holland.

“I think what the country is asking for is all of us to work together, and collaborate, and make sure we minimize the death and any harm this virus could have,” said Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs.

In a separate meeting, the Vicksburg mayor and board of aldermen took even more steps to protect the health of the public by canceling public meetings for the next fourteen days as well as closing recreational spots.

Public buildings are being stocked with sanitizer and they’re also doing thorough cleanings.

“I believe Vicksburg is ahead of the curve in terms of all we can do to facilitate caution for what is in the best interest of our community in our county,” said Flaggs.

A closed sign now adorns the door of the local senior center in Vicksburg.

“It is nothing going on and this place is usually hopping and it’s full of happiness and laughter and it’s just a sad environment,” Director Jennifer Harper said.

The city temporarily shut the doors at the senior center until March 23rd.

“It is to keep the seniors safe, and well, and, unfortunately, it is a change of life so since they are in the elderly population that are the most vulnerable.”

The City of Vicksburg is also suspending water and gas disconnections for an unspecific amount of time in response to the virus.

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