Madison brothers sell lemonade to raise money for kids affected by school closures

Madison brothers sell lemonade to raise money for kids affected by school closures

MADISON, Miss. (WLBT) - As schools continue to shut their doors due to the coronavirus threat, many are wondering what will happen to the students who rely on free and reduced meals at school.

Two young brothers in Madison are doing their part to help those in need.

Andrew and Charlie Clark are on a mission to raise money so underprivileged students won’t miss a meal while they’re out of school due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“They don’t have food when they’re not at school and so it helps your heart to help other people,” said Andrew.

Charlie said, “It is kind of acting like a cop because you are helping other people and I have always been one to help other people.”

The third and fifth grader are home-schooled but that’s not stopping them from lending a helping hand to those who are not.

Sunday, they waved homemade signs and stopped cars to request donations. They are also selling cookies and freshly squeezed lemonade.

They even got their buddy Murphy Cook to help make and serve the lemonade.

“I want to help because Charley and his mom told me that some kids have their only meal at school and because of coronavirus school is out,” said Cook.

They fundraiser has been bringing in the cash all weekend to help the kids who need it the most.

“Me and my friends actually went around to houses, we got a little bit of money. A guy gave us a $20 bill, $10 and we got some money and some food,” said Charlie.

Kristi Clark is Charley and Murphy’s mom. She is overwhelmed by their willingness to give their time to assist kids who rely on school for food and who could go hungry.

"We are sending the money to Stewpot and they are either going to take the items to families so they can make lunches or make the lunches so they can have food during this time, said mom Kristi Clark.

The Clark brothers have raised nearly $600 this weekend to help needy students.

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