State Health Department recommendations following confirmed coronavirus case

MSDH Coronavirus Press Conference

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - State health officials update the public about that one confirmed case in the state.

They also share recommendations to keep you healthy.

State health officials are on alert, involving necessary agencies to prepare for COVID-19′s potential spread.

The Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House and MEMA Director were in attendance as state medical experts updated the public.

"It's very serious. It's very concerning," said State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dodd.

He and other experts warn that there could be more people getting sick from the coronavirus other than the one confirmed case in a man in Forrest County.

According to health officials, the man fell ill and sought medical treatment. He was diagnosed through testing. 42 people have been tested so far in the state.

“It’s a serious event. There are things we need to do. It’s gonna be disruptive on our daily lives,” said Dodd. “Most people are going to, if they get it, they’re going to be fine. Most people are not going to get COVID-19, probably. There are things we can do to save lives and we’re here to save lives”.

MEMA has activated the State Emergency Operations Center to level one.

The State Capitol is now closed to visitors while the session continues.

MDOC inmate visits are temporarily suspended.

If over 65 or with medical complications you are urged to avoid crowds of more than 250 people.

"Stay aware of what's going on in the United States where there area areas where there may be ongoing transmissions to take those travel precautions accordingly," said State Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Byers.

There are no plans to recommend closing any schools but officials suggest canceling unnecessary assemblies and large gatherings.

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