Jackson hosts event to give away cleaning supplies to flood victims

Helping flood victims

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It's been less than a month since flood waters receded and affected residents are still trying to recover.

But they are getting a helping hand.

The City of Jackson is reaching out, partnering with Target and Home Depot to assist flood affected residents.

During Jackson’s Operation Restoration Home Depot and Target provided free cleaning supplies and other items for flood victims.

Michael Johnson is one of them.

His Foxboro Drive home received several feet of water.

While he’s grateful for the cleaning supplies the nine year north Jackson resident is upset by the response from emergency agencies.

"Cleaning supplies are good to help people rebuild but you've got a lot of folks out there trying to find somewhere to stay, because you're not able to stay in a house that's been flooded until it's been gutted and treated," said Johnson.

Wednesday, Jackson residents affected by flooding stopped by the Operation Restoration station for help from the city.

Home Depot also offered tips for homeowners in the restoration process.

"A lot of times sometimes in our day to day we don't think about people that are kinds doing without," said Jackson Constituent Services Manager Keyshia Sanders. "So I think it's good that the city rallies around our citizens and our families affected by the storm. And it is also just one of those high points of Mississippi and just hospitality, people looking out a sense of community".

The city also plans future events for the flood victims.

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