Belhaven man says he was chased, almost ran over attempted carjacker

Man almost carjacked in Belhaven

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - On Monday, Anthony Scarborough got in his car to go to work just like almost every other day. He noticed a car drive past his driveway, and as he backed out, he saw it stop up ahead of him.

He assumed it was stopping at his neighbor’s house.

“The two back doors opened and I noticed the passenger on the back passenger side had a gun, so at that point I immediately drove past them as fast as I could -- I almost ran over the guy -- and they jumped back in their vehicle and they followed me that way down the street,” he said.

The men chased him for a short distance, trying to rear end his car at a roundabout, then tailing him down Fortification Street and finally turning off on Quinn Street.

Scarborough had JPD on the phone the whole time, the dispatcher telling him to stay calm, stay in public, and keep driving.

Scarborough said since he’s lived in Jackson, other things have happened, but this incident really rattled him to the point of questioning if he’s living in the right place anymore.

“I was really shocked and disturbed, quite nervous, and one of the only times that I’ve ever wondered if I should sell my house," he said.

It turns out that one of his neighbors had a very similar encounter with men fitting the same description and driving a car similar to the dark green older-model Honda accord he’s sure he saw.

She spoke to him about it, but said she didn’t want to be on camera.

“They did the same thing, they approached her vehicle and had a gun draw, they actually did point the gun at her as I understand, and she drove off as well, they were not successful,” Scarborough said.

When it wasn't clear if the responding officer was going to take a report, Scarborough called Chief James Davis on his cell phone.

“I spoke directly with Chief Davis and he assured me that they have taken some steps to increase patrol over here, he’s very aware of the situation,” he said.

Jackson PD says they have extra patrols in the area.

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