Fire chief surprised nobody hurt after hail 'the size of eggs’ batters Scott Co.

Fire chief surprised nobody hurt after hail 'the size of eggs’ pounds Scott County

SCOTT COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Severe weather in Scott County early Wednesday morning knocked out power, leaving dozens of people in the dark.

“It was like something was going wooo, like a train or something,” said Scott County resident Cliff Lloyd.

Lloyd recalls the moments the strong storms rolled through his home overnight, doing some major damage.

“The winds are blowing, and the next thing I know something was coming through the roof in the bedroom. Two limbs came to the bedroom from the ceiling,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd lives on Arthur Harris Road in the Ludlow community. His neighbors, along with the local fire department, were out cleaning up the debris the bad weather left behind hours after the storms hit.

“We have trees in our homes, water damage, we have cars damaged, we have hail, it is terrible,” said a storm victim.

The pounding hail gave Cythia Ferrell’s home a good beating.

“It sounded like rocks, just rocks. I heard the sound of a train and in less than 10 minutes it came through. My husband came out and observed with the flashlight and never imagined it was this enormous.”

“It was bad. We had hail the size of eggs.”

Alvin Seany is Chief of Ludlow Volunteer Fire Department. He says more than 20 homes are damaged in the area he serves.

“We were checking on people to make sure people was safe. As much damage around, I am very surprised nobody got injured. That’s a blessing. The good Lord looked after us one more time here in Scott County. That’s all I can say,” said Seany.

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