Consider This: Presidential Election Date

Consider This: Presidential Election Date
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In 2015, when Delbert Hosemann was Secretary of State, he pushed to move Mississippi’s Presidential election date to Super Tuesday. The Mississippi House approved the plan and it seemed to be a done deal.

However, then Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves blocked the plan. Mississippi would have joined what many call the SEC primary, voting on the same day as many other southern states.

This week when Super Tuesday elections were held there were five Democratic Presidential candidates in the race. Today, with Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the race, there are now two… Sanders and Biden.

Now that Hosemann is Lieutenant Governor, he should reintroduce his plan to move the date. Instead of voting on an island a week after Super Tuesday, moving the date puts Mississippi in the national conversation and gives Mississippians the opportunity to help select the Presidential nominee from a larger group of candidates.

In our current spot, the field is narrowed and oftentimes the nomination is secured on Super Tuesday, which means our election has no impact on who is chosen as the nominee. That only leads to what is already significant voter apathy.

It will be 2024 before the next Presidential election, so we have plenty of time to work through the details to shift our date up one week. If President Trump is re-elected, there will be no incumbent on the Republican or Democrat ticket, so the races will be more intense. It’s time to move our date to Super Tuesday and join the SEC Primary.

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