Coronavirus fears limiting medical supplies

Medical supplies

Medical supplies hard to find

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Here in Mississippi, there also appears to be a run on certain items as the threat of a coronavirus pandemic looms.

Pharmacists at the Polk’s drug in Byram say they’ve started seeing shortages at their supply warehouse in Memphis, about two weeks ago.

They order from McKessen medical supply.

They tell 3 On Your Side, the supplier doesn’t have any face masks or vinyl gloves available for ordering.

There are also only two bottles of hand-sanitizer in stock.

The supplies are out at almost all of the Polk’s pharmacies.

It’s not known when they will be back on the shelves.

It’s suspected that government contractors and larger stores are ordering more of the items with the coronavirus threat.

There’s hope that suppliers ramp up production to meet all of the demands.

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