Surviving Motherhood: Jackson mom commits to plant-based lifestyle while running business

Surviving Motherhood: Plant based family

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - One of the hardest parts of motherhood is constantly having to feed your family.

Sounds simple, but some days the task can be daunting. Fast food and instant meals help take off some of the pressure, but aren’t usually very healthy.

Wednesday Fox40 News sat down with a Plant Based mom who feeds her family only things grown from the earth. She does that while running a brand new business in downtown Jackson, and all while raising a two year old.

Yasmin Gabriel Collins is a new wife, new mom, new business owner and doing it all while cutting meat and most processed items out of her diet.

She says, “I would say that plant based is the rectangle and vegan is the square within it. So definitely vegans can eat plant based food but most plant based people don’t eat a lot of vegan food. Oreos are an example of a vegan food that I would not eat, it’s not really plant based. It’s made with chemicals.”

She and her husband Eric own Herbal Blessings. A unique shop on Farish Street featuring 250 herbs supplements, teas, candles, CBD, and other essential organic plant based items.

She tells us, “so folks come in here all walks of life, all different kind of people who are concerned about their health, and they need a little support.”

They run the shop while raising EJ, who’s two, and has never known anything other than his plant based life.

“He likes his mango. When his cousin has nuggets he’s very happy with his guacamole when we go out. We like to go to farmers markets. We like to go to the farm and see where it’s grown and those are all exciting things so kids can see where food comes from. And I’m sure if you take them to chicken plant and see how that smells and take them to a watermelon patch. They’ll choose the watermelon any day because the chicken smells rancid.”

EJ who has his own lemonade which they sell in the store also has a strong immune system which his mom says comes from his plant based life.

Yasmin says, “but I’m proud to say that at 26 months, my son has never had an antibiotic. He’s never been sick for longer than 2 days. Cause we give him our elderberry elixir so his immune system is really really strong.”

Yasmin says switching to a plant based lifestyle may not be easy at first but she believes it’s worth it in the end. It’s about creativity and committing to a lifestyle that she says... could save your life.

You can find out more about Herbal Blessings here.

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