Many flood victims struggling to recover learn the hard way they are under insured

Some flood victims find themselves under insured

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Flood waters have receded and now residents are trying to salvage what they can.

Many say having flood insurance helps but only if you have the policy that can help you recover.

Some flood victims found out too late they’re under insured.

“We’ve thrown out most of my house, the inside of the house and it’s tough," said Joyce Dubard.

Nearly two feet of water entered her Deer Trail home.

The structure is covered by flood insurance but not enough.

The northeast Jackson resident also discovered that she under insured when it comes to replacing the all damaged furnishings, appliances, clothing and other items.

“The amount that’s covered on my policy is not that much, and then you’ve got to take a $2,000 deductible from that," said Dubard. “I lost more than what the contents were insured for. So it will probably take a while for me to build back from this”.

She knows other residents who are in a similar position.

Her 77 year old neighbor bought her home six months ago and found out she has no policy to cover the contents.

“I can’t understand why people selling insurance, but the insurance and the realtors are not telling them to get insurance for their contents," added Dubard.

The Mississippi Insurance Department has tips and information about purchasing flood insurance and preparations before and after a flood.

There are about 61,500 flood policies in the state.

It typically takes 30 days for a flood policy to go into effect and homeowner’s policies do not cover flooding. You can find more information about how to buy flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program by clicking here.

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