‘Things get destroyed, but not our faith’: Flowood church rebuilds after historic flood

Published: Feb. 24, 2020 at 10:50 PM CST
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FLOWOOD, Miss. (WLBT) - For some people, flood waters have come and gone. But for others, their troubles have only just begun.

First Pentecostal Church on Flowood Drive took on nearly 20-inches of water during this year’s historic flooding, but because of the kindness of others the church pastor says their doors will open in no time.

The church sits off Flowood Drive. Built back in 1977, it is no stranger to flood waters.

“Through the years I have grown more concerned because it always gets up in the parking lot,” said Pastor Bill Chatham. “This whole area was underwater. We probably could have had a baptism service right here in the parking lot.”

But today, even though waters have gone down, Pastor Chatham now sits on these church pews that were once inside church walls.

“After it started coming up on the banks it became a concern. I went inside the church when it was at about half-a-foot of water,” he recalls.

Visible reminders sit in front of the church, but Pastor Chatham says there is something to be learned even through the darkest of times.

“You accept it and move on. Faith is more than when things are not happening. You have to walk through faith even when negative things are happening.”

Instead of facing life’s toughest battles alone, Pastor Chatham saw generous acts of kindness even among strangers.

“We have had so many volunteers, 8 Days of Hope, people from churches, even bystanders that helped us to move furniture. May not ever see them again but they were kind enough to stop and help us.”

And even though devastation has left its mark on this little white church, Pastor Chatham says it won’t stop them from opening their doors come Sunday morning.

“As long as life is still here, and everybody is okay physically, emotionally, mentally. Things can be destroyed: things. It won’t destroy our faith.”

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