‘I hope to God it goes down’: Flooding still a problem in Holmes Co. as water overtakes homes

‘I hope to God it goes down’: Flooding still a problem in Holmes Co. as water overtakes homes

HOLMES CO., Miss. (WLBT) - In Holmes County, a combination of rain and backwater flooding from the rising Mississippi River is causing problems.

The Red Cross has now set up a shelter to help those affected by the rising water.

Downstream flooding is turning neighborhoods into islands in Tchula. Water has overtaken some roads, cars are submerged and yards have turned into lakes.

“It is bad,” said one Tchula resident.

“It is a headache. All I know it is a headache. It is bad, but we have to deal with,” said another.

No one is more frustrated than Jennie Jefferson and her family. She has to walk through the murky floodwaters surrounding her home or use a boat to get in out.

Her son is currently constructing a makeshift walkway to make the trek easier.

“It may not look good, but it’s getting us in and out,” said Jefferson.

Many residents are wondering what is exactly causing all the flooding in this small town. Officials say the rainwater from North Mississippi can’t drain out of the Delta because the Mississippi River and backwater levels are high.

“I have seen alligators, snakes and all different insects. Plus, they keep saying ‘Don’t get in the water,’” said the flood victim.

Red Cross has setup a shelter in Tchula to help flood victims into the water recedes. More than a dozen people have evacuated there.

Bonnie Edwards is one of the Red Cross volunteers.

“We had a gentleman yesterday bringing cleaning supplies, and one of the ladies donated breakfast this morning and so we are just happy. Even the clients in here, they want to help us in here. They keep saying ‘Can I do something for you? Do you need me to help you with that?’ So that’s a good feeling - having other people wanting to help you,” said Edwards.

Tchula residents are praying for relief.

“I hope to God the water goes down. I hope to God it goes down,” said Jefferson.

You can find the Red Cross Shelter at Milestone Co-op Community Center at 147 Head Start Road in Tchula.

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