Wendy’s worker traumatized after witnessing fatal stabbing in restaurant

Worker traumatized by workplace stabbing

PEARL, Miss. (WLBT) - Wendy’s workers are undergoing counseling following Thursday’s fatal stabbing at the Pearl restaurant on Pearson Road.

An employee, who was there at the time, is now traumatized after watching the tragic incident unfold.

"He protected us from someone who could have killed us all," said a Wendy's employee we will call "Alice".

She was in the kitchen of the Wendy’s restaurant when she saw the fatal stabbing of 25 year old Herbert Redmond of Jackson.

The restaurant worker said Redmond kept a gun in his backpack and had an ongoing dispute with Edward McWilliams.

Forty two year old McWilliams is charged with murder.

"It was all self defense because Edward was protecting us and I say he was protecting us, because Herbert had a gun, a loaded gun at that".

The shaken woman is now trying to cope with the tragic incident she says she can not unsee.

“I’m just standing there,”said Alice. “It’s happening a few inches from me and I’m just standing here, and it’s just blood everywhere. It’s everywhere”.

Alice said Redmond threw the first punch and there had been tensions between the two workers for about two months.

As the feud escalated the Wendy’s workers said no one took steps to end it.

“Herbert was not supposed to have even been at work last night, and he was still on the clock,” said the 25 year old. “I don’t know why, but he was”.

According to Pearl City officials, McWilliams is a convicted felon who served time in the Mississippi Department of Corrections for armed robbery and manslaughter.

He is being held in the Rankin County Detention Center without bond.

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