Consider This: Build One Lake

Updated: Feb. 20, 2020 at 7:45 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It has been 41 years since the devastating 1979 Jackson flood and 37 years since the second worst flooding in 1983.

As the years pass, the impact of those floods can fade, and people may forget the extensive damage a rising Pearl River can inflict on the area.

The 2020 flood this week, the third worst in history, affected many families and many businesses. Imagine if the water rose to the same level as 1979… or higher. This flood should rattle everyone back to reality that we need a fix.

The One Lake project is a solution that could have a huge impact in reducing the number of homes and businesses affected by a rising Pearl River.

As with most major initiatives, there are groups opposed to the One Lake project. This flood, however, should add more justification for the project and push it over the finish line to receive final federal approval.

Not only will it help with flooding, it will also redefine the area with new development. Look to Chattanooga and what has been created along the Tennessee River to see how waterway development can transform a city. Having this major economic boost for the metro, especially Jackson, would be significant.

Hopefully the One Lake project will receive final federal approval in the coming months, and after dealing with the legal battles that will certainly follow, construction can get underway within the next two years. The families who are dealing with flooded homes this week – and the families impacted by past floods – shouldn’t have to experience another devastating disaster.

It’s time to build One Lake.

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