'We’re very thirsty for answers’: Anxious residents now trying to check on their flooded homes

'We’re very thirsty for answers’: Anxious residents now trying to check on their flooded homes

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The water’s edge on North Canton Club Circle has become information central, and, as the water goes down, it’s the spot where some are coming for a renewed peace of mind.

“The last time I was here was a couple of days ago," explained Sara Kimmel. "But this is the closest I’ve been since I think Saturday morning. This was about as far as we could go Saturday morning because the water came up pretty fast.”

Sara Kimmel’s neighbors went back to their house by boat Sunday. Water had made it into garage but just shy of entering the home.

“I don’t know about mine for sure," added Kimmel. "But we’re all next door neighbors, so we’re all very hopeful.”

Mary Chapman’s been relying on prayers to get her through the waiting game.

“I’ve been coming by everyday checking,” said Chapman.

But she’s thankful for the way others have pitched in.

“A couple of times I came down here, a man had a truck and he rode around and let us get in," explained Chapman. "We rode around with him in his truck to check on our houses and that’s a blessing in itself.”

Montez Mack hasn’t been as lucky.

“I’m on YouTube looking at drones," said Mack. "I have friends sending me drone pictures, sending me pictures, YouTube videos things of that nature. When people come out with tow trucks, just asking them ‘Hey, have you seen my house? What is it like? Is the water in there?’ Anything that’s possible... we’re very thirsty for answers.”

He tried to walk back to his house again after we spoke and he was able to finally see it since last Thursday.

“I’m waste deep in water and my house has about two feet of water inside of it," explained Mack. "Everything’s water damaged. From the couches, to the doors, to everything. It’s gone.”

Neighbors say now they’re just anxious to see how long cleanup may take once they’re able to get back in.

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