Submerged truck serves as a reminder to obey barricades in Copiah County

Submerged truck serves as a reminder to obey barricades in Copiah County

COPIAH COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - The swollen Pearl River is causing excessive flooding and evacuations in parts of Copiah County.

Water is steadily rising on Hopewell Road. In fact, it is around four to five feet deep. There is also a truck submerged in water.

Emergency officials say a driver went around the barricades and accidentally drove in the water. They say that is why it’s important to be safe, because the flooding is not over just yet.

“That’s just being ignorant in my opinion because they are not only putting themselves and their lives in danger, but if someone had to come out and try to rescue them now you have your first responders at risk because I’m trying to have somebody do something they shouldn’t have been doing to begin with,” said EMA Director Randle Drane.

Drane is warning residents that the bloated Pearl River will continue to drive more water in the area, threatening homes, flooding cars and forcing people to move to higher ground.

“It is going to be twenty-plus people who have evacuated, so we’re just trying to wait for the water to go down,” said Drane.

Businesses are also being negatively impacted. Over at Pearl River Nursery, managers could lose twenty percent of their 2020 trees if it goes under water.

With the threat of flash flooding, the fear is growing.

“You have to realize the rain that we’re going to get has nowhere to go, so that is just going to intensify the flooding,” said Drane.

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