Marion County continues preparation for Pearl River flooding

Marion County continues preparation for Pearl River flooding
Water began reaching the road on Highway 587 in Marion County Wednesday. The river is expected to rise another 3 feet. (Source: WDAM)

COLUMBIA, Miss. (WDAM) - With water making its way down the Pearl River into Marion County, residents and county officials continue to prepare for flooding.

Sandbags continue to be filled as people get ready for the worst.

“Well, I’m really concerned it’s a possibility it may come into mu house, so I’m just being prepared,” said Larry Shotwell.

Shotwell spent his day preparing by removing items from the floor of his home and placing sandbags at his front door and storage room. If he has to evacuate, he plans to barricade the other door to his home.

The Marion County Emergency Management Agency is also getting ready for the incoming water. EMA Director Aaron Greer said they’re ready for water rescues if it becomes necessary.

“From what we can tell, we did a study earlier in the week, it’s going to be about 300 homes affected. Maybe not flooded inside, but inundated,” Greer said.

Ben Louge has lived in the area all his life and said flooding is something people on the Pearl are used to.

“I’ve seen it higher than this,” Louge said. “We used to live down over on Old Foxworth Road when we were children and we’ve seen it cross Old Foxworth Road, me and my brother, twice."

The river crossed into moderate flood stage Wednesday and Marion County Emergency Management expects it to crest at 25 feet sometime Sunday.

According to the Mississippi Insurance Department, there are only 267 flood insurance policies in Marion County. People without flood insurance who sustain damage may have to pay out of pocket unless FEMA declares a federal flood emergency for the area.

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