Rising water shutting down roads, flooding acres of farmland in Simpson Co.

Rising water shutting down roads, flooding acres of farmland in Simpson Co.

SIMPSON CO., Miss. (WLBT) - Rising water is shutting down roads downstream in Simpson County, causing a big mess in neighborhoods and flooding acres of farmland.

The power of the Pearl River could be felt on Gatesville Road in Simpson County, with water rushing over the road near some homes.

The water is now five feet in some areas, putting emergency officials on high alert.

“We have some serious flooding going on in the part of the county,” said EMA Director John Kilpatrick

Kilpatrick and his team have been working overtime in this flood fight. With the swollen Pearl River to the east of the county sending out mounds of water, he admits it hasn’t been easy.

“As you can see, this water has already gone over the road and we still have another foot of water to go and it has not crested in our area. I want people to understand this event is not over for Simpson County,” said Kilpatrick.

The county has closed three roads so far, and while no homes have been flooded, it’s steadily creeping near. Multiple fields have now turned into lakes.

"There is a lot of land people make their livelihoods with,” said Kilpatrick.

“It is a bad situation we have to deal with... Mother Nature,” admitted Larry Barns.

The resident spent Monday checking on neighbors and their homes.

“Yeah, I have been checking on them. The ones that wanted to leave have left.”

As water continues to rise, emergency officials say they will be out making sure citizens and their communities are safe.

“We are still monitoring the situation, even going to the door in some cases making sure people realize what’s going on,” said Kilpatrick.

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