A pigeon and a puppy become best friends at a rescue shelter

(CNN) - A bird that can’t fly has found an unlikely best bud in a four-legged animal.

Herman the pigeon suffered neurological damage more than a year ago and can no longer fly.

The Mia Foundation in Rochester, N.Y. took him in.

The rescue organization rehabilitates animals with physical deformities.

The nonprofit's founder, Sue Rogers, put Herman with Lundy, a Chihuahua puppy that can't walk, and the two really hit it off.

They started cuddling almost immediately.

Rogers said she was "blown away."

She posted photos of the pair on social media, and the foundation raised $6,000 in two days.

It's unknown if Herman and Lundy will stay together. Lundy may already have a new home lined up.

The question is if the new owner will adopt Herman, too.

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