Neighbors keep watch after thieves burglarize homes of flood victims in Jackson

Neighbors keep watch after thieves burglarize homes of flood victims in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Flood victims have enough to worry about after dealing with being displaced and receiving damage to their homes. Imagine returning to find it burglarized too.

That's what happened in one Northeast Jackson neighborhood.

Some residents dealt with the stressful rush of securing their homes, but now they have the added problem of thieves breaking into their homes.

Jamal Bouldin spent Friday night riding four-wheelers throughout the neighborhood watching the water levels.

Saturday morning he started checking the levels of his and his neighbors’ homes on Southbrook Drive. When he entered Leon Myers’ backyard, he was surprised by what he saw.

“I noticed one of the screens was laying in the water and so when I looked at it and I let him know that someone had tried to break in his house,” said Bouldin. “And then I walked and checked the rest of these houses right here and my buddy Greg down here, the window was open in the back. They actually got in his house."

Kimberly Cornelius and her husband are keeping vigil on Sedgwick Drive after hearing about the nearby burglary. Their home is not flooded, but they obeyed evacuation orders.

“Because of the evacuation, me and my husband, we’ve been coming by every few hours just to check the house. Taking turns. But today we just decided to do it together,” said Cornelius.

Residents want anyone not living in the area to stay away.

Jackson police were posted at all streets where there is flooding and water over the roadways.

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