Clinton Fire Dept. installing smoke alarms for residents

Clinton Fire Dept. installing smoke alarms for residents
(Source: WAFB)

CLINTON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Clinton Fire Department posted on their Facebook page saying they will be installing smoke alarms for residents.

They received a supply of smoke alarms from the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

The rules and guidelines to get a smoke alarm are as follows:

1. The home to receive the smoke alarms MUST be within the city limits of Clinton.

2. Authorized personnel from the Clinton Fire Department MUST install these smoke alarms.

3. The homeowner MUST be present at the time of installation of the smoke alarms to sign a form required by the State Fire Marshal’s office.

The Clinton Fire Department says that if you have your own alarms and just need help installing them, you can call the fire department and they will send someone to install them for you.

The Fire Department said if you have hard wired smoke alarms already in your home, these smoke alarms are not for you.

“Hard wired smoke alarms are a more advanced alert system and battery-operated smoke alarms are a step down for you. You may call your smoke alarm’s manufacturing company and order more, but we are unable to install these for you. If your smoke detectors are monitored by an alarm company, you may call your alarm service about ordering more or replacements.”

To get on the list for free smoke alarms, or to call for installation of alarms that you already have purchased, you may call 601-925-1010.

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