Rising waters force northeast Jackson residents to leave quickly

Floodwaters rising on Foxboro Drive in Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Rising flood waters are prompting some north Jackson residents to evacuate while others have no choice.

Some can only get to their homes by boat or tow truck.

There is no fighting flood waters... here on North Canton Club Circle residents have been forced to leave quickly and take what they can.

"Today it's worse. Even riding on a tow truck was not able to get to my home," said Barbara Green.

The Jackson resident tried to return to her Foxboro Drive home Saturday after packing all she could and leaving Friday.

She and other residents rode on a tow truck to try to see how high flood waters have risen.

“From what I could see the water is going to my font door. I didn’t see any at my garage at the time,” said Green. “My front yard is completely saturated with water and there are a lot of homes that I saw that the only way I know it’s a house is by the front door”.

Waters have overtaken North Canton Club Circle and River Road about a block from Green's home.

Some residents say the waters rose quickly and like Green they have no flood insurance.

About five miles south in Eastover on Canterbury Court, Walker Brown is fortifying his home with sandbags to keep the waters out.

They have inched closer to his house.

Friday, his coworkers at Ward Mechanical Equipment filled more than 1,200 sandbags. They worked through the night and into the morning, placing them around his home.

“If it gets above 38 feet we’re gonna be moving everything out,” said Brown. “As it stands our plan was to make a makeshift dam out of sandbags and Visqueen to account for up to six inches over my slab”.

Nearly two miles south in Eastover the Morgans on Twin Lakes Circle are taking the same precautions.

They started loading sandbags Friday and plan to border the home with more than 1,000 bags.


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