‘It was like U-Haul city:’ Residents pack up and leave before flood waters arrive

Residents evacuate and make final trip to check on homes in Northeast Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Saturday morning, WLBT crews rode to the back part of the neighborhoods off of North Canton Club Circle with some of the folks who live there. They expected it would be one of the last times they would be able to safely check on their homes. Hinds County Supervisor David Archie was calling out to see if anyone was still back in the homes who couldn’t get out.

“You make those sounds, they understand that somebody is out here looking for somebody and we was just making absolutely sure that there was nobody who was stuck in the deep waters at the back in those homes," said Archie, District 2 Supervisor.

Water was covering all the yards. The closer you got to River Road, it was up to the doorways.

We also saw Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks in the neighborhood. They were checking to see who might be trying to stick it out, so they’ll know in the event they go back into the neighborhood after the river crests. Others were getting help from those with boats to recover a few last minute items from their homes.

Nearby on Sedgwick Drive, families were packing up Saturday morning while they were still on dry ground. They could already see water down the street. And they were anxious about what would happen once the Reservoir started releasing more water. They say no one came by to tell them they had to go, but they knew from watching the forecast that it wasn’t worth the risk of staying.

“Early yesterday, it was kind of like panic mode...you seen tow trucks and U-Hauls...it was like U-haul city over here," said Kevin Edmonson. "Everybody had U-Hauls all the way up to Old Canton Road. It’s kind of dramatic, scary-like that all of this could be under water.”

They tried to gather up what can fit in the truck and say they’ll have to leave a lot of their belongings behind due to time and lack of storage.


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