Pearl River Flood of 2020: Neighbors brace for historic flooding in Richland

Richland residents prepare for flooding from Pearl River

RICHLAND, Miss. (WLBT) - Richland residents are bracing for historic flooding that could inundate parts of their city.

Walker Circle is the first road to close in the city and there could be more as the threat of water becomes potentially damaging.

“It is scary to look around and see all the people’s home that are in danger,” said a Rankin County resident.

As mounds of water from the Pearl River creep into neighborhoods and roads in Richland, residents and businesses are doing what they can to protect what they have.

Over on Walker Circle, truck drivers could bee seen moving their 18-wheelers out of the flood waters that already were rising while they were able to save some vehicles, other began to submerge in water.

Near Old Highway 49, crews were scrambling to protect two main boxes that control the internet and phone lines in much of the area.

Sandbags are also stacked in front of businesses, including this local salon and barbershop.

“It is jut a preventative measure. They are are not sure it is going to flood, but at the same time they want to be precautionary,” said a business owner.

The Pearl River is expected to top out at 38 feet and the fear is growing.

“The biggest fear is you can’t come to work you can’t make no money," said a business owner.

Over in Byram, residents also worried about the floodwaters is covering a good portion of the parking lot at The First Baptist Church of Byram. And a few miles away, the Swinging River Bridge is almost unrecognizable due to the rising water.

“I have never seen the water this high,” said a resident.

While some people have evacuated the near the bridge, others are going to ride it out.

The mayor says no homes have been flooded, but first responders are on high alert.

“We got all our people on call. We have extra firemen on right now and four or five extra policeman on this morning and we are prepared. We are prepared for what we know, but what we don’t know worries me a little bit,” Mayor Richard White.


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