Several streets in N.E. Jackson taking on water; evacuations imminent

Metro Officials Brace for Flooding

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Residents in the metro are being told to leave to get to higher ground as floodwaters from the Pearl River continue to rise.

The new crest raised to 38 feet due to two inches of more than expected rain that fell, according to National Weather Service officials.

Numerous streets in Northeast Jackson are taking on water.

Emergency management officials say mandatory evacuations will start taking place here as homes start to be impacted.

As water begins to fill streets in Northeast Jackson emergency officials say homes are next. 400 plus residences expected to be impacted by the rising Pearl River.

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said, “I don’t want people to assume that this circumstance is like past circumstances we come before you because there is serious concern over the water levels.”

Ricky Moore, Director of the Hinds county E.O.C. said, “You will see water in downtown Jackson.”

On Westbrook Road Thursday morning Jan Henderson trying time figure out what her next move is.

Her rental a quarter mile down a flooded road.

“I’m going to try to get back there put things up on cinder blocks some in the attic, whatever I can move I haven’t had time the water rose so fast,” said Jan Henderson.

Later in the afternoon Jan’s neighbors and their pets had to be rescued by a boat. The water now a swift current over the road.

Rankin county also preparing for flood problems of their own.

Some businesses off Lakeland Drive and in the Industrial Park in Richland are also expected to take on water.

Residents reminded to have a flood plan and don’t let their guard down.

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