Neighbors on edge as flood waters rise in Jackson streets

Foxboro Drive Flooding

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Rising waters from the Pearl River in Northeast Jackson are flooding streets and putting residents on edge.

Thursday, flood waters covered Foxboro Drive at the intersection of Deer Trail.

Water blocked the driveway of several homes.

Some residents were packing their things preparing to leave.

Others raised their belongings to higher locations in their home

Some people had to park their cars down the street and walk across their neighbors’ yards to get to their homes.

Water was also coming up from a nearby manhole.

City leaders are calling for evacuations as the water rises.

“Getting prepared to move,” said Johnny Thomas, who lives nearby. “I’m calling people, my nephews, to help me move if I have to real quick,. And I got to get around here and find me a U-Haul so I can try to get up out of here if I have to.”

The city has put barricades across Foxboro, but motorists continue to ignore them and venture into the rising waters.


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