Guest Editorial from C Spire

Today’s guest segment comes from Hu Meena, CEO of C Spire.

Guest Editorial from C Spire
C Spire customers are experiencing widespread outages across the state. Source: C Spire

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -Today, In Mississippi, there are over 1,000 unfilled computer science jobs.

Nationwide, there are 500,000 computer science job openings.

In the future, these numbers will grow.

Unfortunately, less than half of Mississippi public high schools teach computer science.

Little or no emphasis on computer science means fewer high-paying jobs, and less economic expansion for our state.

The result: Mississippi misses a great opportunity to lead!

Most of C Spire’s employees live, work and send their children to schools in Mississippi.

We’ve put our time and money where our mouth is by investing over $3 million into this initiative since 2015.

None of us can change the past, but each of us can be a part of changing the future.

States that lead in technology will lead in the economy.

It’s time for Mississippi to get out front and LEAD.

If you agree, then text FUTURE to 50457 or visit to support the bill mandating computer science in every public school.

Mississippi’s future can’t wait!

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