Surviving Motherhood: Having it all

Surviving Motherhood: Having It All

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Maranda Joiner is Brand Strategist, an entrepreneur whose business is to help business owners identify their customers create their brand and then connect their business with said customers.

She says, “you get connection to your purpose... confidence in what you do.. and we really break down your mission statement and your vision.”

She took a break from her meetings, donned her favorite kicks, and opened up about raising her 14-year-old son while creating her own business niche.

She says, “I say I’m the mother of a newborn teenager. That phase of I’m still acting like a child but I’m acting like a teenager.”

Maranda’s hours are never set. She has to cater to her clients and their needs and that sometimes causes conflict with parental duties.

She says, “sometimes I have networking events and events to go to in the evening and so being away from him so much I do have a lot of mom guilt. So I think the hardest part for me is finding a balance so that I think I don’t want to screw his life up too much so that its like I’m an absent parent more than I am present.”

Mom guilt is a real thing. The reality of forgetting something your child might need can sometimes slap you right in the face while in the middle of an interview.

“As a matter of fact, as we are talking, he asked me for valve oil last week and I still haven’t gotten it. This is where mom guilt kicks in... literally, just now. He asked me for valve oil and I still have yet to get it.”

Mom’s we are told that you cannot have it all. You can’t have a life, you can’t have a career that you love and be a mom but you seem to be doing that.

“Yeah, I’m one up to the challenge. Every time someone tells me I cant do it I try to figure out a way to do it. I’m a problem solver and what has helped me is this year I’ve decided that he’s of age to bring into the fold.”

Today, her son told her she was one of the people he admired most.

A living breathing example of the juggling act known as working motherhood.

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