Residents filling sandbags in preparation of Pearl River flood

Residents filling sandbags in preparation for Pearl River flood

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Tonight residents in Jackson are getting ready to take on another round of flooding from the Pearl River.

There was a steady flow of people filling up sandbags Wednesday at the Public Works Headquarters off Michael Avalon Street.

The sandbags are free to those who wish to use them around their homes.

A number of the people loading them into cars and trucks live in northeast Jackson.

They say they’ve been watching the Pearl River rise and want to make sure their homes are protected.

The Pearl River is expected to crest Saturday at 35.5 feet.

Jackson resident J. Lewis Dunn said, “The thing I’m concerned about, they say the water level is going to be reaching a little higher than it normally does. Last time I almost got flooded. I figured I better come get some sandbags and be prepared.”

Managers at the Ross Barnett Reservoir say they’ll be matching outflows at the spillway and inflows up stream over the next 24 hours.

They say they don't want to flood the river and cause it to go above the predicted crest.

Anything higher than 35.5 can impact houses which is what they’re hoping to avoid.

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