Storms causing traveling woes across Central Mississippi

Storms causing traveling woes across Central Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - This week’s storms are causing traveling woes across Central Mississippi.

Highways and roads are being temporarily shut down due to flooding problems. One of those highways is Highway 16 east of Carthage, which serves as a main road for drivers traveling east.

“I just think it is bad, it is really bad. I haven’t seen it this bad since 1979,” said a Leake County resident.

The weather disrupting travel in Leake County and residents are not happy about it. More than ten county roads are now closed.

Highway 16, the main thoroughfare from Carthage to Philadelphia, was also temporarily shut down.

EMA Director Tommy Malone says heavy rain is overflowing a nearby creek and causing the highway to flood.

“It was about four to six inches at one time. Anytime, especially with a smaller vehicle, when you get this type of water and everything, you can drown out and we didn't want to have people's lives at stake out here,” said EMA Director Tommy Malone.

Warren County is also feeling the impact of the bad weather. The strong storms caused a section of Highway 80 to collapse at Mount Alban Road, which forced the closure of the road in both directions.

MEMA officials had this to say about that damage:

“This water has made road conditions very hard. It’s either flooding or either saturating the ground, making it easier for these roads deteriorate,” said MEMA Public Information Officer Malary White.

Now officials are urging drivers to please be careful as more rain moves across central Mississippi.

“Stay off the roadways as best as you can, but we are in the middle of a work week, so drive is cautiously as you can and be as careful as you can. And if a road you know of usually floods, turn around, don’t drown,” said White.

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