Pearl River reaches flood stage with more rain coming

Pearl River reaches flood stage with more rain coming
Pearl River levels are rising. (Source: WLBT)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Pearl River in Jackson is expected to reach a crest of 35.5 feet in the coming days.

As of Tuesday morning, the river is at 28 feet, which is flood stage. As the water goes above 28 feet, more areas become inundated with flood water.

At that level, the city could expect some street flooding. Reservoir officials say they are now working to limit the impact.

“We will begin storing water, and we will do all we can to again mitigate flooding in Jackson and other downstream locations,” said John Sigman, General Manager of Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

The highest river crest on record is 42.28 feet in April 1979.

Last month, the river reached above 34 feet but never approached the highest forecasted crest.

With several more inches of rain expected in the coming days, emergency officials are keeping a close eye on the rising river.

Tuesday and Wednesday are Alert Days because of the threat of flooding and heavy rain.

Sigman said PRVWSD has been conservative in its release through Tuesday, giving downstream areas like Jackson a chance to see local flashflood conditions pass before increasing outflows at the dam.

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