Northshore Spillway construction resumes after delays

Northshore Spillway Construction

BRANDON, Miss. (WLBT) - Callers to 3 On Your Side were voicing complaints about the lack of work being done of the Northshore Parkway Spillway road construction project.

Friday, Hemphill Construction was back on the job, paving lanes, but they have been absent in recent months.

County officials say recent wet weather has held the project up.

Northshore Spillway road construction
Northshore Spillway road construction (Source: David Kenney)

There's also provisions in the MDOT contract that only requires the construction company to work five days a month from December through February.

The delay in work had made the area dangerous to drive through because the orange barrels often fell into lanes of traffic.

Mike Harrison, Rankin county road manager said, “There’s some guidelines and this is a LPA project which is a local project which is monitored by MDOT which states MDOT we have to follow MDOT guidelines and everything on that it does stretch the project out a little longer.”

Construction work will continue including on weekends as long as the weather stays dry.

County road officials overseeing the work now say they hope to have the project completed by the first of April.

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