Simpson, Smith counties picking up pieces after Wednesday’s severe weather

National Weather Service to assess damage on Friday

Picking up the pieces in Smith and Simpson counties

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In spite of the mud and the cold, misty rain, several people were helping Vera Tullos clean out her home and pick up her lot after her trailer was blown off its blocks in the storms.

It was kept from rolling or being blown further into the woods because the winds pushed the hitch up against a tree. Unfortunately, though, the porch was ripped straight off the front of the home.

Tin from the roof was hanging in trees, resting in the brush, and wrapped around other pieces of debris. Pots and lawn chairs and decorations had been thrown around like toys.

Miraculously, Vera had been in town meeting a friend like she did every week. She wasn’t home when the winds hit her house.

Vera and her friends didn’t want to talk on camera, but one of them told us it’s not the first time disaster had struck her home. She had a house on that slab that burned down several years ago. Now she’s picking up the pieces again.

She wasn’t the only one dealing with the aftermath of the storm. A few miles down the path of the tornado, J.D. Barnard had seen the twister as it approached his home. He called his wife to get to their storm shelter, but he couldn’t reach his home before the storm did.

“By the time I got to the house it had already come through here and torn everything up. I could see it out the back door of the house and saw it going across the woods,” he said.

Barnard says he has several trees down and 11 broken fences. That’s a problem for a guy with more than 100 cows. He says it was more of a problem for the cows.

“I’ve got cows over here behind this house, they got hit worse. They were so scared last night they wouldn’t even move out of that field. I never had run into that problem before,” said Barnard.

The National Weather Service says they will assess the damage in Simpson and Smith counties on Friday.

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