Apparent tornado damages homes, downs trees and power lines in Simpson County

Simpson county Storm damage

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - They always say it, and J.C. Powell of Simpson County says it's true.

“I heard a roaring sound, kinda like a freight train coming, like when it’s breaking down to a slow speed, and well by the time I got to the door to look it was already blowing really hard,” he said.

Powell had just gotten home when the apparent tornado came through. He didn’t have a chance to seek shelter before it was right over his house.

“What it did was when it topped the hill it was already right there on top of my neighbor’s yard and it just took everything," he said. "It took the pickup bed out of my neighbor’s pickup truck and brought it over to my house and that’s what knocked my window out on my car.”

Powell says he has been through previous tornadoes, but there was a feeling of helplessness as he watched this one.

“Wasn’t nothing I could do,” he said.

Simpson County EMA Director John Kilpatrick tells us five homes were damaged in the Martinsville area on Bill Collins Road and 16th Section Road, as well as on Vera Tullos Road, but no one was injured.

A tree also fell across Highway 540 when the storm first hit Simpson County, blocking the road and backing up traffic. Crews had to cut power lines affected by the fallen tree in addition to removing the trunk and limbs from the road.

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