Auto burglars hit same Byram business three times in apparent crime spree

Published: Feb. 4, 2020 at 10:53 PM CST
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BYRAM, Miss. (WLBT) - Josh Edmondson says the guys who keep robbing vehicles in his parking lot have a problem.

“It’s a heart problem. They need to find church. They need to find Jesus," Edmondson said. "Pray about it.”

But the burglars are giving Edmondson problems, too. He remembers when the first of three times vehicles in his lot were broken into.

“There’s a Bronco sitting out there and it’s just sitting on the ground, sitting on the rotors. They stole the tires, wheels and everything," he said. "Then took parts off of another vehicle out there and set it underneath it so they could set it back on top of it.”

When the burglars returned for the second time, it appeared from the video that they did something to create a power surge that wiped the surveillance footage. Edmondson said they saw the men in the parking lot, and then the video ends.

But that wasn’t all.

“We lost our desktops, all the equipment, everything from a power surge of something, that’s what Entergy says," he said. "But we think it has something to do with what they did.”

Byram Police Chief Luke Thompson says his city has also had two very similar incidents, and Copiah County is investigating some as well. The criminals go to crowded parking lots where they blend in, he said.

“And they get out and stay between the cars and they’ll stay 15 to 20 minutes and they’re breaking into those cars that are on these lots that are there for repair,” Thompson said.

Edmondson says it's awkward to explain to customers when the break-ins happen. On top of that, it's taking money out of his pocket.

“Some of the stuff I’m going to have to replace, just to make it right,” he said. “Because I don’t want to call the people and say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry, someone stole your stuff, here’s your vehicle.’”

If you recognize the truck or the men in the surveillance photos, contact your local authorities.

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