Belhaven residents are stopping crime by seeing something and saying something

Belhaven residents are stopping crime by seeing something and saying something

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - What does it mean to be a good neighbor?

In Belhaven it means watching out for those who live around you, seeing something and saying something when something out of the ordinary is happening.

One resident there is doing his part to help keep down crime.

“If you notice anything that’s out of the ordinary then call,” said David Womack.

That's what Womack did when he recently saw two men trying to take his neighbor's car.

"They actually were coming back to re-steal the car," added the Jackson resident.

It had been stolen more than a week before with a spare key left inside it.

Womack and his wife were watching when the unfamiliar duo first walked down the street.

Then they went into the driveway and tried to take the car again, but it was blocked by a car behind it.

“They couldn’t get her car out,” said Womack. “They were trying to back it out across the yard and they couldn’t get it out. So they ran."

He called police and neighborhood security.

The musician and songwriter posts suspicious activity on the Belhaven Nextdoor social media site, warning neighbors and urging them to remain vigilant.

“It’s a difficult decision when you see somebody that you’re not familiar with in your neighborhood,” he said. “You’re kinda torn between calling the police or security because you don’t want to be guilty of profiling people."

Jackson police arrested the two men who ran from the scene. Belhaven Security assisted with their capture.

The 67-year-old urges other Jackson areas to get to know and communicate with your neighbors.

He believes there is strength in numbers and you can make a difference when something doesn’t seem right.

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