‘Y’all, we got to do better:’ Broken traffic lights in west Jackson causing headaches

‘Y’all, we got to do better’: Broken traffic lights in west Jackson causing headaches

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Broken traffic lights on Ellis Avenue and Robinson Road in west Jackson are causing people to see red.

“Very frustrating, very frustrating,” said a driver.

“I think they waste money around wrong things here,” said a Jackson resident

“I think it is pretty despicable, but there is nothing I can do about it,” said another driver.

Those who travel this area say the broken traffic signal is no new problem.

“It has been out for weeks now, right?” asked a driver.

Temporary, four-way stop signs are now set up for people to navigate through the intersection but drivers say the signs are causing an even bigger headache during rush hour.

“People don’t know how to use or when to go. It is a four-way stop, but people don’t know that and that is why it’s frustrating,” said a Jackson resident.

“I live around the corner and I see a wreck here every two days.”

Some drivers claim they've called the city to fix the issue to no avail.

“The city should fix the lights because we pay tax, so we give you money to fix it,” said a Jackson resident.

“Y’all, we got to do better,” said a driver.

3 on your reached out to the city about lights not operating.

City Engineer, Dr. Charles Williams says a contractor was working and hit a line knocking the lights out. The city has been waiting on funding, and parts to repair the problem.

Williams say the city understands all the complaints and concerns and says repairs are expected to begin and finish this week, so drivers can see working lights again.

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