Jackson churches clean illegal tire dumping site on MLK Day of Service

Churches clean illegal tire dumping ground for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day of Service

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, two churches worked to transform blight in a west Jackson neighborhood.

It is a follow up to a 3 On Your Side report about illegal dumping on vacant lots.

The churches want the clean up effort to be continued in the neighborhood and spread throughout the city.

Two congregations came together this MLK Day of Service to rid the community of an eyesore, an illegal dumping ground of hundreds of tires on an abandoned property in Jackson.

"There were many trips back and forth just to stack," said Pastor Devon Adams with Word of Christ Ministries in Jackson.

For over two years more than 300 tires were scattered on a vacant lot and two abandoned houses in the 1600 block of Morehouse Avenue.

But it all changed Monday when members of Liberty Baptist Church in Flowood and Word of Christ Ministries in Jackson took action.

“We saw your story back in November with the tires on this lot and, talking to the neighbors, they were frustrated that nothing was being done,” said Mike McCool, Minister of Education and Administration with Liberty Baptist Church in Flowood. “And so we just decided that on Martin Luther King Day that this would be a great time for us to come out and partner with our sister church”.

They've partnered with their sister Church Word of Christ Ministries for more than 12 years.

“We’re celebrating with a service project today and this is something honoring him because this is what he said,” said Pastor Devon Adams of Word of Christ Ministries. “He had a dream that one day the blacks and the whites would labor together, and it would be no racism or prejudice.”

Nearly two months ago debris filled the area.

Jackson officials said they were unable to remove the tires, because they were on private property.

“Mike saw the situation here,” said Pastor John Confer of Liberty Baptist. “Our heart was stirred, and so we just jumped on the opportunity to help clean it up.”

The churches hope their work will inspire others in this community to do more and that the city will now act.

“Our heartfelt prayer is that the city will piggy back on this and send trucks out to be able to come with their machines and just take it away,” added Pastor Adams.

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