'You can either fight Mother Nature or join in’: North Jackson family impacted by rising Pearl River

Rising Water: Jackson family impacted by rising Pearl River

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Flooding continues to impact residents across the Jackson metro.

“You’re not going to stop mother nature so you can either fight her or join her... I guess we are going to join her.”

The Flood family is no stranger to rising flood waters. The have lived in the Rollingwood Community on Yucca Drive for nearly 40 years.

“We do get water into our backyard a lot. We are just used to it... but we have learned to take advantage of the flooding.”

This week’s heavy rain brought flood waters to parts of the Jackson Metro area and the Pearl River’s rising waters continue to be a concern for many.

“It’s just something you want to keep an eye on.. we were hearing the crest was at 35. We feel like we will be okay but you still sleep with one eye open!”

Instead of flood waters leaving the family on edge... they are choosing to take a different approach.

“As a child growing up here this was my favorite time. We loved it. Fishing in the backyard and playing around. It’s great as long as it doesn’t get in the house!”

“We have the football game on and a campfire. It creates a really beautiful setting really.”

The flood family say’s they understand the tragedy flood waters can bring.

“We have flooded here in the middle of the night before and it is no fun whatsoever.”

But this family... is choosing to focus on the bright side.

“What else would you do on a Sunday afternoon when you have football and your grandkids. You might as well just make the best of it.”

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