Security cameras help Brandon police make auto burglary arrests

Chief William Thompson says there will be more arrests to come.

Security cameras help police

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Three men are behind bars in the case of several late 2019 auto burglaries in Brandon, particularly in the Crossgates area.

Justus Isaiah Gooch, 18; Aric Stephen Riley, 21; and Anthony Dewayne Johnson Jr., 18, have been charged with auto burglary and their bond has been set at $50,000.

Chief William Thompson says there will be more arrests to come.

“It’s not real hard once we identify one suspect and once they see what they’re confronted with, especially in Rankin County and what they can expect from our sheriff’s department and our district attorney’s office in terms of incarceration,” Thompson said. “They normally start turning on each other and identifying the others who are involved.”

A public post shared more than 1,200 times shows an intruder near a car, and the Facebook user says the suspect used a device that scanned the frequency of his key fob and opened the car with it.

Thompson says that may be so, but that most of the cars that were broken into were unlocked.

“There are some exceptions, but for the most part, I’d give it 95%, they’re shaking door handles and targeting cars that are unlocked,” he said.

Authorities say security cameras played an integral part in solving this case, and can help police exponentially in many different kinds of criminal investigations. They can also help the victims by bolstering the evidence of the crime.

“It provides hard evidence of the case,” said Rankin County Captain Barry Vaughan. “It’s something that’s eyewitness evidence and somebody’s not there, but it shows the crime in progress. It provides a timeline to go back and see exactly when the crime occurred.”

Vaughan said it doesn’t really matter what kind of camera you use -- it can even be a nanny cam for your dogs -- it can be the next best thing to having a security guard or an eyewitness in your home.

“It’s 24 hours. It doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t get sleepy, it doesn’t take a break, so it’s really valuable for us,” he said.

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