Reservoir managers helping to mitigate flood in Jackson

Pearl River flooding threat

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Reservoir officials are letting the water levels rise to 298 feet, catching rainwater that fell up stream, from spilling into Jackson, hoping to minimize the flood impacts.

John Sigman General Manager of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District said, “We have the capability to store some water at this time as we said yesterday we’ll start releasing 44,000 we did that yesterday and we’ll continue today, 44,000 cubic feet per second and store the rest of the water. The National Weather Service believes that will keep the flood in Jackson below 35.5 feet.”

Reservoir flood plan
Reservoir flood plan (Source: David Kenney)

The reservoir had been lowered recently to expose Giant Salvinia to eradicate it. All that’s on hold now after the heavy rains.

The water held expected to help avoid major flooding in Jackson.

“Were consciously watching the river levels downstream were aware of the fact that people live and work there and if we have the capability to keep the river level a little lower in a situation like this we will do that. As I said we will be storing water in the lake all weekend,” said Sigman

Weather officials say the rain over the next few days should be minimal.

The reservoir has risen nearly a half a foot in the last day, keeping Jackson from entering major flood stage status.

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