Don’t get in flood waters, EOC director warns: ‘There’s glass, there’s rodents’

EOC director warns people not to get in flood waters: ‘There’s glass, there’s rodents’

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Don’t wait, officials said. Make sure you are prepared for the Pearl River to rise if you live in an affected area.

“We feel that it is our obligation not only to communicate thoroughly, but as quickly as possible so that we don’t leave people in the circumstance of trying to make preparations in the last hours,” said Mayor Lumumba.

In past years, the river’s rising has caused homes and businesses to flood, and trying to stick it out until the last minute can put lives and resources at risk, said Brian Grantham of Rankin Emergency Operations Center.

“If you live in an area that has flooded before due to the Pearl River, then it’s probably going to get you again this time. So, as someone mentioned before, don’t make first responders come out and rescue you when it’s something you’ve known about for days before.”

Hopefully some of the extra water will end up somewhere other than covering streets and flooding buildings.

John Sigman, General Manager of the Ross Barnett Reservoir, said the inflow will be around 60,000 cubic-feet-per-second at its peak.

“And we’ll put it in the lake until we can’t put it in the lake anymore," he said. "Right now the projection with this scenario is that the lake will rise to almost 298, which is getting into nervous territory for us, but yet we think we can do that without a large increase in the amount of rainfall that has been projected.”

Hinds County EOC director Ricky Moore also reminded people that the flood waters are not safe to drive in or to walk through.

“There’s sewer in those flood waters, there’s glass, there’s rodents, so keep the kids out of those flood waters. I know it’s warm outside, and kids like to play in water, but please keep them out of there.”

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