Rising Pearl River prompts press conference by emergency management: ‘We want people to take precautions’

Rising Pearl River props press conference by emergency management: ‘We want people to take precautio

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Emergency management personnel as well as city leaders held a press conference Wednesday afternoon regarding the rising Pearl River.

“We just want to let everybody know, especially in Rankin County, that we are watching this for them,” said Brian Grantham with the Rankin County Emergency Operations.

“We want people to take precautions. If you have lived in an area that has flooded before due to the Pearl River, then it’s probably going to get you again this time,” he continued.

Hinds County EMA Director Ricky Moore said that there will be a lot of water in the streets, especially in streets that are close to the Pearl River in north-east Jackson.

“We’ve already got Rosemary Road in south Hinds County that people are not able to travel in. Those people are going in and out by boats, so be very cautious. We’re already seeing people moving barricades and driving around them. That’s people asking for trouble.”

“The people that’s been having problems, it may get worse," warned Byram’s Mayor White. "They’re the ones who need to consider moving to their family’s other homes and getting out. You start trying to rescue people who should’ve left three hours ago, it impacts other people.”

In terms of a recovery plan, Jackson’s Mayor Lumumba said that the city has been in contact with MEMA and will assess the damage once the water settles.

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