Heavy rain brings fear, concerns to residents from Canton to Jackson

Heavy rain brings fear, concerns to residents from Canton to Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Heavy rain from Canton to North Jackson brought fear and flooding to residents, Tuesday.

Celestine Clayton’s flood worries increased with every drop that fell into the ditch outside of her Canton home.

“You put your boots on and water just go into your boots, you know what I’m saying?” she said.

Ongoing days of wet weather flooded Clayton’s home over the weekend and continued to threaten it Tuesday.

“Makes me feel like I gotta stay on my, as you wanna say, Ps and Qs. I gotta be watching out,” said Clayton.

Neighbors on Way Road also battled rainfall and flowing water that streamed into Jackson.

City Councilman Ashby Foote was in awe of the flood water over Ridgewood Road.

“All the rain that happens in Madison and Ridgeland, the water heads down from Madison County that drains into the Pearl River and runs through ward one. And also some of Ward 7 on the way to the Pearl River. So it’s just a mess right now,” said Foote.

He went on to say,"This is the highest I’ve ever seen the water at Hanging Moss Creek that’s coming underneath. That’s actually over the road now as well as under the road now."

Debris and trash swirled in the creek near Jackson Academy as water was teeming by a car parked in The Park at Moss Creek Apartments lot.

“Urban flooding requires retention ponds and other types of weirs upstream so we don’t get all of Madison and Ridgeland’s rainwater in such a short period of hours,” said Foote.

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