Census Bureau to spend $500 million on 2020 count

Census Bureau to spend $500 million on 2020 count
U.S. Census Bureau Executive Director Kendall Johnson speaks at an event to unveil the national advertising and outreach campaign for the 2020 Census, at the Arena Stage, Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, in Washington. (Source: AP Photo/Michael A. McCoy)

(CNN) - The 2020 census is about to begin and the Census Bureau will spend $500 million, more than $1 per person in the U.S., to make sure people respond.

Officials say the marketing campaign is necessary to make sure people know it is important, safe and easy to respond to the census. They are particularly concerned about the under-represented communities who often go unaccounted for.

Census numbers determine issues including the number of government representative communities get and how federal funds are allocated.

The nationwide population count only happens every 10 years.

The “Shape your future. Start here,” campaign will roll out over 1,000 ads in 13 languages on TV, radio, social media, print and billboards.

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