‘I was really horrified’ says Vicksburg woman whose home was target of drive-by shooting

‘I was really horrified’ says Vicksburg woman after 20 rounds were fired into her home

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WLBT) - Vicksburg police searching for suspects involved in a drive-by shooting.

It happened last night at a home on Beresford Street near Washington and Bowmar Streets. The department also looks to hire more officers to help sweep crime off the streets and keep the city safe.

“I heard something on my front porch that sounded like firecrackers and, as it went on, I realized this is not fire crackers; this sounds like someone is on my front porch and that’s when I realized it had to be gunshots,” said a Vicksburg resident.

At least 20 rounds were reportedly fired into her home Sunday night while she was inside with her son. Police believe the home was targeted.

“I could hear the bullet holes hitting my windows and walls and everything,” said the homeowner.

Although the homeowner chose not to reveal her identity, she didn’t hold back her shock and frustration about what happened.

“I was really horrified because I have been living over here for years and I’ve never had a situation like this and I was so scared. I hope they get whoever is responsible.”

Mayor George Flaggs says he will not stand for crimes like this in the community.

“We have to put a stop to the drive-by and to do that I need to do more patrolling and we need to identify these people who were discharging these weapons.”

The mayor also says there is a need for additional officers on the streets. Right now, the police department needs to fill six empty slots with patrol officers.

“We always need more police officers, but more importantly we need to retain some of them that have the experience.”

“It keeps people safe. We have more impact on the community and we have more of a deterrent factor,” said Captain Michael Bryant.

Captain Michael Bryant says you have to be 21-year-old to become an officer and the starting salary is $14.75.

The department also offers educational incentives and there are no residency requirements, just a passion for helping keep the city safe.

“With more officers we can do saturated patrols, and put officers in more crime areas to help solve crimes and detour crimes,” said Captain Michael Bryant. If you are interested in signing up call the city’s Human Resources office at 601-631-2996

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